Woodland Owners Survey

The Independent Panel on Forestry Woodland Owners Survey is now live and can be found at http://www.sylva.org.uk/limesurvey/index.php?sid=44516&newtest=Y&lang=enIt will close on 7th May at 12 noon.

The Panel is keen to hear everyone’s views on forests and woods in England, and what they should provide. Their work is looking at what factors motivate owners to manage and create woodlands, and how this varies between different types of owners. The panel will use these findings to inform their recommendations to government.
They want to hear from all woodland owners, regardless of how much woodland you own or management you undertake. They are also keen to hear from you if you are considering purchasing woodland, or creating woodland on land you already own.
There are thought to be 50,000-80,000 woodland owners in England all of them with very different interests and motivations. Thus your participation will greatly improve the accuracy and value of these findings and hence the recommendations.
The present survey will be part of the British Woodlands 2012 (BW2012) survey that will launch later in the summer. BW2012 will augment the current work and provide a very rich picture of the views and aspirations of woodland owners in Britain. We will follow up with people in England who respond to this survey and who express willingness to be part of the wider survey.
All data will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Results will be presented in an amalgamated version only.