TB and cattle movements on common land

Defra have produced further guidance on TB catle movement controls and common land.

Briefly, if you are in an annual testing area fom 30 June 2014 all cattle aged over 42 days of age must be pre-movement tested before moving to and from common land.

For movements back from the common, farmers can carry out a post-movement test instead to reflect the fact that in most cases, TB testing on common land is impractical and dangerous.

Cattle returning from common land should ideally be isolated from other stock until the test has been completed with negative results. The test must take place as soon as possible after cattle have returned to the farm, and in any case within 120 days of the movement back to the holding otherwise the test will become overdue and the holding will be subject to movement restrictions. Cattle returning from the common must not be moved onto another holding before they have been tested with negative results following the movement from the common, although cattle can be sent directly to slaughter.

For more details see attached file