SPS Payment update

Below is a round up of useful reminders on SPS 2013 payments for you to be aware of

  1. 2013 Payment Window

The 2013 SPS Payment window opens on the 1st December 2013 and will run through to the 30th June 2014. Given that the 1st December falls on a Sunday, the first payments could be hitting farmers bank accounts from Monday 2nd December.

  1. The key elements that need to be in place to be able to pay an English SPS claimant are:
  • Fully Validated Claim – This includes any mapping, dual claim, dual use, eligibility and cross compliance inspection work and calculation of any reductions that need to be applied for breaking the rules (late applications / cross compliance breaches etc.). We gather validation is going without any major hitches, but there are still claims that need to be validated due to dual use and the additional cross compliance inspections that were required in 2013.
  • Modulation Rates – These are the same as SPS 2012 – 14% for sums up to €5,000 and 19% for additional sums over €5,000.
  • Exchange Rate – Already confirmed as 0.83605 £:€, set on the last working day of September 2013.
  • Financial Discipline – The new element for SPS 2013. The long running European process to finalise this budgetary control mechanism was finally resolved on 19 November, at the General Affairs Council where the rate of financial discipline was set at 2.453658% for sums over €2,000.
  • Flat Rate Entitlement Unit Values – The RPA have to calculate these in 2013 as they did in 2012, this is irrespective of the fact that both years have flat rate entitlements. These entitlement values are calculated by dividing the value of the SPS fund per SPS region, by all existing entitlements within each SPS region. Then applying the resultant unit values to individual claimants' 2013 activated entitlements to arrive at the gross claim value. This gross value is then adjusted by exchange rate (unless paid in euros), modulation, financial discipline and any sanctions that may be applied. Even with the added deduction for financial discipline, the favourable exchange rate means that the 2013 SPS sterling flat rate values are slightly higher than the 2012 flat rate values.
  1. The 2013 flat rate values (before modulation) for England are:


  • Non-SDA: €323.97/ £258.50
  • SDA: €260.29/ £217.62
  • SDA Moorland: €45.4/ £38.02

When payments are received, you need to check the payment is correct. If there are problems then you need to first check the copy of the submitted claim, entitlement paperwork and claim breakdown before contacting the RPA