Sheep jobs for June

SHEEP JOBS FOR JUNE: Rhidian Jones, SAC Consulting Sheep and Beef Specialist, provided this useful guide for jobs in the month of June in SAC Consulting’s Sheep and Beef News:

“This year is completely different to last year. Grass is abundant, which means creep feeding may not be an option worth considering, although you should always weigh up the pros and cons carefully. Feeding some lambs to get away earlier will still benefit the remaining lambs. However on most farms it will be crucial to keep on top of grass to prevent heading. This may involve taking more ground out for conservation or for cattle grazing. Some other tasks that may need to be carried out this month include:-

  • Faecal egg counting lambs to assess the need for worming.
  • Keep a close eye for nematodirus and heed any warnings – treat if it is a risk on your farm.
  • Clostridial vaccines for lambs when due.
  • Dag ewes with dirty backsides prior to shearing.
  • Pour on against fly strike will be needed earlier this year.
  • Shear ewe lambs, tups etc and any ewes that are ready – they may be ready sooner this year so get them done.
  • Keep a close eye on ewes for fly strike and ewes being stuck on their backs until they are shorn.
  • Fluke dose to break life cycle.”