Rural Business Research Intelligence from the Regions

Twice a year staff of Rural Busines Reasearch provide up to the minute information from their Regions on what is happening on farms and local markets together with a summary of current attitudes and concerns. The website; has the latest collated report. Comments are welcome as well as any queries; please contact the Editor;

Extract from the key points of the report.

Beef and Sheep

  • The finished beef trade has been good; however the margin between purchased stores and finished cattle continues to be squeezed and may be unsustainable into the future
  • The high price of store cattle has prompted some beef producers to refrain from buying stock and leave their sheds empty, whilst at the same time sell barley that was earmarked for home-grown feed
  • Whilst the prospects for beef prices appear good as a result of continued high global demand, there is some (small) evidence of reduced throughputs at local abattoirs (UK) due to a diminished demand for beef
  • A strong export market continues to support the very good market for fat lamb. The prices of breeding stock and cull ewes has remained high

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