Results of Commons Council Consultation

The results of the voting show that there is considerable support for a Cumbria Commons Council.  Fourteen local associations voted YES. They are:

Bampton & Askham     
Baugh Fell        
Black and White Coombe         
Buttermere & Derwent             
Langstrath and Coombe        
Moorhouse Group          
St John's            

In a number of commons the vote was boderline and a few commons voted a clear No.

We will be working with the yes and borderline commons to prepare a case for an establishment order. This process will continue in the coming months.

Representatives from each common interested in setting up a council will be invited to meet, to discuss and to finalise:

a.    How Council members will be chosen

b.    How decisions will be made particularly when they relate to a particular common or area

c.    Redraft a set of rules that could then be adopted by the Council once established

d.    Running and Establishment Costs and setting up a Live Register

2.    Timetable

a.    Start meetings in early June once lambing is over and sheep turned out

b.    Complete the meetings by late July / early August

c.    Re-consult in early September including chance for borderline commons or those who didn’t participate to come on board

d.    Submission to Secretary of State for establishment

To see a short presentation of the results - see below

A detailed breakdown of results can be found in the longer report  - see below

We will be posting progress updates on the website - look out for them.