NFU Steering Document on CAP reform

The NFU upland farming group recently released a steering document outlining their views on CAP reform, suggesting routes for obtaining a fair deal for all farmers, including those in the hills and uplands.

The group believes that it is important that income loss from this round of CAP reform is distributed as fairly as possible as an integrated policy package if the long term delivery of outputs (including foodproduction) are to be safeguarded. Hill farmers are in a position where they are very exposed to any changes in payments received or how they are compensated for the multitude of public benefits they provide.
Fundamentally the hills and uplands are landscapes created and maintained by farming, and it is critical that there remains incentive for current farmers to stay in and future generations to enter the industry and this must be at the heart of policy that affects them - from regional payments through to agri-environment schemes. The skills, knowledge base, hefted flocks and herds that maintain the uplands have taken hundreds if not thousands of years to develop - they could not be replaced.
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