Natural England calls for evidence in second phase of uplands review

Natural England has issued a further call for evidence as part of a wide-ranging review into land management, biodiversity and ecosystem services in the uplands.  Views and contributions are being sought from upland land managers, land owners, industry, academic, scientific and third sector groups.

The independent review of upland evidence is being carried out in two parts and was launched last month with a call for contributions around three initial topic areas.  The first phase will draw to a close on 20 July and the independent experts will begin to carefully consider the evidence in relation to each of the questions set out in the scoping document

Natural England is now inviting submissions of evidence for the second phase of the study which will cover:

·       Determining environmentally sustainable stocking regimes on moorland

·       Assessing the feasibility of restoring degraded blanket bog

The deadline for submissions is 14 September 2012.

Professor Colin Galbraith is chairing the review and is supported by a group of independent experts from a range of backgrounds who have a wealth of knowledge and experience of the uplands.  Professor Galbraith said: “We’re very grateful to all the organisations and individuals who have provided information so far and I hope that everyone with an interest in the issues being covered will contribute to this second phase.  This is an excellent way of ensuring that the best available evidence is available to Natural England.”

The outcomes of the evidence review will be invaluable in developing Natural England’s advice to upland land owners and managers.  Once the evidence review has reported, practitioners with knowledge and experience in this area will be invited to work with Natural England to develop the organisation’s delivery of uplands advice, which will take into account social and economic factors as well as practical aspects of management on the ground.

Dr Tim Hill, Natural England’s Director for Evidence & Analysis and Chief Scientist added: “Everyone involved in the management of England’s uplands needs to be confident that decisions are based on objective and consistent evidence.  This review is the first one of its type that Natural England has carried out and we want to ensure that we do not miss any evidence from current research or key references.  We intend to undertake further reviews in the future around other topics to ensure that we are using the best available evidence when developing our advice”.

How to submit evidence to the Review Panel

The Federation is keen to contribute so if you have evidence that you wish to share with us please get in touch

If you want to submit evidence on your own full details on how to contribute can be found on the Natural England website at  or email for more information.

Biographies of the review panel members can be viewed here