Less than helpful letter from Angela Leadsom about RPA's inability to pay commoners

Tim Farron, MP has been attempting to put pressure on Andrea Leadsom MP, the new Minister of State for Defra, to get RPA to pay up the BPS 2015 owed to commoners and other farmers.

In Tim’s response to us he says “I regret that I find the Minister’s explanations less than helpful because I cannot detect any serious or forensic analysis of the faults that have cost farmers so much tin time and frustration and meetings with creditors. After all the previously promised deadlines, it will be remarkable if the 2015 payments have all been completed by the end of this month.”

Well, it's very nearly the end of September and it would be a miracle if people get paid - by our reckoning that's another deadline missed!

RPA please, deal with remaining BPS payments as soon as possible.

You can read Angela Leadsom's letter here