Latest Defra CAP reform leaflet is published

This leaflet provides more details on the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS).  This includes information on the active farmer rules, the national reserve for BPS entitlements and important information for new and young farmers on their potential eligibility for new Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) entitlements and how they can find out whether they are eligible to claim for top up payments worth up to 25 per cent of the average value of their entitlements.

It also includes more detailed guidance on the new greening rules, particularly around hedges and further information on the new online CAP Information Service so that farmers planning to apply in 2015 can start to get ready.

The leaflet is available on GOV.UK at:

Help for customers with getting online

RPA are still keen to hear from farmers who need help getting online so they can register for the new CAP Information Service when the time comes. They tell us they have developed a range of options to support farmers – but can only help people if  they understand their needs. Around 13,000 CAP customers have been sent forms which they can use to request help, and although the formal deadline for returning these forms has passed they will still process any that are returned during November.

So if you know someone who has problems getting online - perhaps you could help them get in touch with in RPA.