Information on Commons Council Consultation Meetings

Twenty local commons associations have expressesd an interest in taking part in the Commons Council Consultation process.

All members, both active and non-active graziers, along with owners and other stakeholders have been invited to attend two meetings. At the first, the draft proposal for the Council will be set out and participants will be provided with documentation to take away and consider. At the second meeting participansts will be asked to vote, via secret ballot, on whether they would like their  CL unit to be part of the Council.

Substantial support is required before the Secretary of State will consider the establishment of a Council.

All meetings will start at 8.00 pm and will be held at the following venues:

Venue Meeting 1 Meeting 2
High Cross Inn, Broughton-in-Furness Tuesday 18th January Tuesday 15th February
Dufton Village Hall Wednesday 19th January Wednesday 16th February
Threlkeld Cricket Club Wednesday 19th January Tuesday 15th February
People's Hall, Sedbergh Thursday 20th January Monday 14th February

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