Important developments on Greening of CAP

THE European Commission has accepted participation in agri-environment schemes could enable farmers to be exempt from at least some Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) greening measures.

The Commission has tabled a ‘concept paper' which makes a number of concessions that reflect the demands of an increasingly influential group of member states, including the UK, currently working together to re-write the greening proposals.  

It states that a beneficiary of an agri-environment scheme, funded under Pillar Two of the CAP, or a farmer subject to an environmental certification scheme could be considered as fulfilling at least one of the greening measures. This would be dependent on certain conditions being satisfied, including:

  • The scheme must cover the whole farm.
  • It must correspond to the type of the greening measures in place.
  • It must have an environmental ‘ambition level’ that goes beyond that of the relevant greening measure(s).

To read the concept paper click here: