Hill Farming Training successful 'dry run' day

Last week The Foundation for Common Land held a very successful  'dry run' of the Day 1 programme for the Hill Farming  Training scheme.  Joe Relph and Tom Lorrains were the hill  farmer trainers and the session was held at Joe's farm in Borrowdale. The willing 'guinea pigs' were Naomi Oakley and Simon Humphries of Natural England.  The day provided  an introduction to hill farming systems and common land and covered practical farm tasks including helping with basic animal health tasks, fencing and gathering sheep off the fell.

Afterwards Naomi said 'I found the day really useful, Joe and Tom gave a real insight into the farm and their work. I was particularly impressed by the depth of their knowledge of the natural environment and about what motivates them to farm, which is so much more complicated than it appears at first. However, the highlight for me was the ‘Implements Quiz’, I have rarely seen such glee on the faces of farmers!

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