Good news: keeping of detailed livestock records postponed till 2016

Defra have decided to postpone their plans to require the increased level of movement recording that we were threatened with last month.  Common sense has prevailed recognising the practical problems recording livestock movements by land parcel caused.  But this is only a postponement to a later date.  

Letters explaining this are being sent out by Natural England over the weekend to affected agreement holders saying “Natural England and Defra have listened carefully to farmers’ concerns and discussed them with farming industry representatives; as a result Defra has agreed to postpone introducing this new requirement until further notice.”

The letter acknowledges the poor timing of the original communication and said that it “did not explain clearly enough why the new requirement was being introduced and what you would have to do to meet it”.

The letter added: “Natural England and Defra would like to apologise for any inconvenience that this episode may have caused you.”