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The Federation of Cumbria Commoners is a member-led organisation dedicated to promoting commoning in Cumbria. Our overall aim is to maintain and improve the viability of hill farming on common land.

We want this website to:

  • Inform you about new issues in commoning
  • Let you know what we are doing
  • Make our voice heard all over the world and much more

We urge commoners to claim extra payments and entitlements for common land

As we mentioned in a previous article  Defra is changing the way that payments on common land are calculated. There is now a new way of working out how much of the eligible area of a common or shared grazing a farmer can claim. This means that some farmers should have received larger allocations of common land than they actually did. These farmers may now be able to receive the entitlements they should have been given in 2005, as well as extra payments for:

Dual use to continue in Countryside Stewardship

'Dual use’, which allows farmers to claim funding from different CAP schemes on the same land, will continue to be available Farming Minister George Eustice announced on Monday (21st  September).

We welcome this decision as commoners will be able to continue delivering conservation needs through environmental stewardship schemes and receive  Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)  payments on the same common. Also this decision should ensure that the existing Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) application process is un-interrupted and payments are delivered on time.

We reject Chris Packham's ideas to rewild Cumbrian fells

Speaking at the Royal Geographical Society, Mr Packham, of BBC Springwatch fame, said excessive livestock turns Britain’s uplands into “green deserts”, and lynx, beaver, boar and other wild species should be introduced in their place.

We welcome withdrawal of Thirlmere fence application

We are pleased that United Utilities (UU) has withdrawn its application for 10 kilometres of fencing on common land above Thirlmere. A public inquiry was due to open on 17 November.

Because the fence was across common land, UU had applied to the Planning Inspectorate for consent for works on common land, under section 38 of the Commons Act 2006.

Countryside Stewardship: new common land supplement is published

If you are planning to apply for Countryside Stewardship for your common this supplement contains important additional information.

You can find the supplement here:

Delay to agri-environment scheme payments "unacceptable" says NFU

A delay of up to four months for agri-environment scheme payments to farmers in England will put added pressure on farm businesses at a time when thousands are facing low farmgate prices. Natural England has told the NFU that payments, usually expected in August, will start being made to farmers in October but the majority of transactions won’t take place in November and December. This is partly due to IT failures in the spring and the extension of claim deadlines for the BPS and agri-environment scheme.

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