The Federation's principles for SPS on Commons Post 2013

The Federation of Cumbria Commoners is a member of the Defra Working Group on Post 2013 Pillar 1 support on commons. After much debate at our last committee meeting we have issued a paper setting out our guiding principles - see below. However we recognise that this is a fast developing area and our ideas may change as and when other details of post 2013 reform come to light.

In summary we contend that common land is different to land managed by one person and that particular rules need to apply to ensure SPS enables commoners to respond to market demand and that GAEC is effectively delivered. Additionally commoners claim SPS for grazing rights, their legal right is to turn out stock. If they do not turn out stock they cannot do other land management activities that are delivering GAEC as they have no legal rights for other activities.

The current definitions of farmer and agricultural activity do not promote active commoning on common land; instead SPS has become “rent” received on the ownership of an asset, not a payment for activity.

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