Federation's latest response to Defra Working Group SPS on Commons

We are a member of the Defra Working Group on CAP reform on commons that is trying to determine the detail of a scheme for SPS on commons. Our core aim is to support and maintain the active responsible management of common land. This is not an easy task and we do not have all the answers.

The key changes we have sought are:
1) Get rid of naked hectares by ensuring SPS is paid on the whole common
2) Ensure money is directed to active commoners whether active through grazing or committing not to graze in an environmental stewardship scheme.
3) Ability to change the distribution on a year by year basis as commoners circumstances change to avoid the SPS being seen as a pension top-up.

To read our most recent feedback to Defra following the 31st Oct 2011 Meeting of the Working Group on CAP Reform and Commons click here: