Dual use to continue in Countryside Stewardship

'Dual use’, which allows farmers to claim funding from different CAP schemes on the same land, will continue to be available Farming Minister George Eustice announced on Monday (21st  September).

We welcome this decision as commoners will be able to continue delivering conservation needs through environmental stewardship schemes and receive  Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)  payments on the same common. Also this decision should ensure that the existing Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) application process is un-interrupted and payments are delivered on time.

To achieve this dual use will be available:

  • From 2016 for a number of Higher Tier Countryside Stewardship agreements
  • From 2017 for both High Tier and Mid Tier agreements
  • Farmers and land managers in England with existing Environmental Stewardship and woodland agreements already have dual use arrangements

Confirming his support for dual use Farming Minister George Eustice said: “We have worked hard to identify a way of allowing dual use to continue so that it is possible to ensure that some of our most effective countryside stewardship projects can continue to be developed as part of the farmed environment. “I am very pleased to be able to secure the future of this approach.”