Defra consultation TB pre-movement testing between farm and common

Defra is inviting views from stakeholders on proposals for new control measures to further reduce the risk of bovine TB transmission between cattle herds.

One of the key proposed changes may have a severe impact on grazing cattle on common land

Defra are proposing to abolish the pre-movement testing exemption for movements of cattle to and from common land by the end of April 2014, with the possibility of a waiver for movements from the common land back to the premises from which the cattle were turned out where the distance moved does not exceed a set distance limit.

Up till recently this would have been a minor issues for commoners in Cumbria, but Natural England has insisted on cattle grazing being included in many of the recent UELS/HLS schemes and we now see more cattle on commons in the summer months. The Federation will be responding to the consultation and we would like to hear your views.

The consultation will be open for submissions from 28th November 2013 to the 10th January 2014