Cumbria Farm Watch: Summer Safety

A message from Cumbria Farm Watch Information sent on behalf of Fire & Rescue Service

As summer approaches, Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service would like to make sure that residents and visitors have a safe and enjoyable time when taking advantage of our beautiful county.  

Did you know?:

  • That a fire can destroy a tent in less than 60 seconds?
  • That in the UK 79,000 fires are started on grass and heath land every year, which destroys thousands of acres of countryside and wildlife habitats?
  • That on average, 1400 fires per year occur in caravans?

To keep you and our countryside safe follow these simple rules:

  • If you see anyone deliberately lighting a fire please dial 999 and request the Police and Fire Service to attend;
  • If you are out enjoying the countryside extinguish cigarettes properly, do not throw them out of car windows;
  • Don’t leave bottles or glass in woodlands;
  • If barbequing make sure you are in a clear safe place and ensure the barbecue coals are fully extinguished and cold before you dispose of them;
  • If using a gas barbeque store the cylinder out of direct sunlight, make sure that the gas is turned off when changing and finished barbequing and only change the gas bottle outside in a well ventilated area;
  • Do not take disposable barbeques or gas stoves etc inside tents / caravans, as this may cause carbon monoxide poisoning;
  • If caravanning do not dry clothes on the stove, take a working smoke detector and carbon monoxide alerter with you  
  • When buying a carbon monoxide alerter for a caravan you should look for one which is compliant with BS EN 50291-2 : 2010, which has a different testing requirement to those used for dwellings;
  • When camping or caravanning always keep a torch handy and never use candles inside, only change portable gas appliances outside and park caravans well clear of tents (6 metres away).
  • ake all your refuse with you or dispose of it in suitable bins and if a fire does happen dial 999 and give a good address, if possible include a map reference and a visible landmark;