CAP reform at a glance

We will be providing more information on how the CAP reform proposals affect commoners in due course. Starter for 10, the 10 key points of the reform proposals are as follows:

1) More targeted income support: fairer, simpler and more targeted support, fairly distributed among "active" farmers. Direct support payments capped at €300,000 in any one year.

2) More responsive and adequate crisis management tools: Safety nets for products most at risk of crisis, including private storage and public intervention, and the creation of insurance and mutual funds.

3) "Greener" payments: A proposed 30% of direct payments dedicated to practices that ensure long-term agricultural productivity while preserving the environment.

4) Additional investment in research and innovation: A doubling of the budget for agricultural research and development, encouraging the transfer of knowledge and advice to farmers.

5) A more competitive and balanced food chain: Support for producer organisations and a commitment that sugar quotas - "which have lost their relevance" - will not be extended beyond 2015.

6) Encouraging agri-environmental initiatives: A commitment that the preservation and restoration of ecosystems and the fight against climate change will be among EU rural development priorities.

7) Aid for young farmers setting up: Proposals to create new start-up assistance accessible to farmers under 40 during the first five years of their project.

8) Rural employment and entrepreneurship stimulated:
upport for micro-business projects with financing of up to EUR70 000 over a period of five years.

9) Better account taken of fragile areas: Additional support for farmers in areas with natural handicaps, such as upland areas, by means of additional compensation.

10) A simpler and more efficient CAP: Simplification of several CAP mechanisms, including cross-compliance rules and control systems, without sacrificing effectiveness.

Source: European Commission