Bracken Control Newsletter October 2012

Bracken Control Newsletter :17 October 2012

Bracken Control - BBC Farming Today

Geoff Eyre provided a farming perspective from the Peak District and I provided an overview about Emergency Authorisations on the Farming Today programme that was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 05:45 this morning.  It was hardly earth-shattering stuff, but the programme is available on the BBC iPlayer until 23rd October.

Application for an Emergency Authorisation

The preparation of the application is nearing completion and it will be submitted as soon as it is completed.

Disposal of Asulam Products

Please could I ask recipients of this newsletter to make sure that every effort is being made to advise end-users of the need to dispose of stocks of asulam products before the end of this year.

Even if the Emergency Authorisation (EA) is granted, there is no dispensation to hold stocks after 31 December 2012; it would not be possible to store asulam products until the start of the EA period.

British Crop Production Council - Annual weed Review

This week, I am preparing the presentation (Bracken control: with or without asulam) I will be giving at the BCPC conference near Peterborough on 24 October.  I will place a copy of the presentation on the BCG website after the conference.

Simon Thorp


17 October 2012