Agri-Environment Payments should sart this week

Partial agri-environmental payments should start to reach commoners this week (week commencing 19th October).  These will reach 25,521 or 53% of agreement holders. That’s some £70 million in payments.  The other 47 % of agreement holders who do not receive their payment next week  require some additional work to be undertaken but Natural England do expect to keep their commitment to make all payments by the end of December.

We agree with the NFU who have urged Defra to make all agri-environment payments made as soon as possible. Defr have decided to pay just 50% of the value of agri-environment payments rejecting the European Commission’s offer to pay 85% in the first instalment. As we move forward the NFU will ask for the second agri-environment payment to be made early, in January if possible.